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Measuring and Fitting Blinds and Shutters

Get all the information you need when it comes to measuring and fitting blinds and shutters right here at The Blind Guy & Shutters. We’re based in Glasgow and Hamilton.

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A selection of measuring and fitting instructions

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Measuring & fitting guide

Here at the Blind Guy & Shutters, we think measuring for your new blind should be as easy as 1,2,3. This is why we have created a simple guide for you to follow.

To help you with your measurements, you will need a metal tape measure. All your measurements need to be in centimetres and also to the nearest 0.1cm.

When ordering a blackout blind, our fabric experts recommend that you fit this outside the window recess using the exact blind measurements. This ensures it blocks out as much external light as possible. Just follow the measuring guide below, and we will take it from there!

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Recess measurement

Select this option when you would like your blind to fit within the window recess.

Recess width




Take 3 measurements for the width of the window recess as shown in the picture below

Take the smallest of these measurements - this is your recess width

We will make the necessary deductions for the mechanisms, brackets and clearance to ensure the blind operates within the window recess

Note: The actual fabric will be approximately 3-4cm narrower than the recess width depending on the blind ordered.

Exact blind drop



Decide how much you wish to overlap the recess at the top and bottom (we recommend at least 7.5cm at the top if the blind is required to roll up fully above the window recess)

Take the overall drop measurement - including the overlap: this is your ‘exact blind drop’

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Photo taken in Thai Mueang, Thailand

General points

TIP: Do not use a fabric tape for measuring as these can stretch and give an inaccurate reading

Recess fitting: Check your recess for anything like tiles or picture rails that might get in the way and take them into account when measuring the effective width. We can then reduce the width slightly to ensure a nice, snug fit

Exact fitting: For the best results, allow your blind to overlap the edges of the recess by at least 35mm on each side - ensuring that you have enough space to accommodate the suggested overlap. We'll then make and ship a blind for your exact measurements - simple!
measuring blinds

Fitting and measuring instruction

(download the appropriate document below)

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INTU Roller Blind
pdf icon.png
Perfect Fit Blinds
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Pleated Blinds
pdf icon.png
Roman Blinds
pdf icon.png
15/25mm Venetian
pdf icon.png
Venetian Blinds
pdf icon.png
Vertical Blinds
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Wood Venetian
pdf icon.png
Wood Expression

For any assistance with measuring and fitting, call now on

0141 261 8482

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