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Sun Streaming Through Blinds

Solar Powered Blinds

If the sun is shining, why not make the most of it with some solar powered blinds from the Blind Guy & Shutters in Glasgow and Hamilton? Enquire today.


Filters sunlight, stops glare

and stores up energy at the same time

About our solar powered blinds

You need some blinds. When the sun’s blazing and the glare is bouncing off your TV screen, it’s either toleration or blanket darkness. A set of blinds from the Blind Guy & Shutters can solve that. But what if we could go one step further and help you save on your energy bills too?

Welcome to the innovation that is solar powered blinds. With your blinds armed with photovoltaic cells, you can turn your blinds into a solar harvester which you can convert into DC electricity. Not bad eh?

Our Solar Powered Electric Blinds work pretty much the same as any other Electric Blind, where a remote-controlled motor moves the blinds up or down. But rather than using a battery or mains electricity to power the blind, it has a small solar panel installed on it, which continuously charges the blind.

Get in touch for a free consultation and quote today. 

8th annual scottish home improvement awards winner
to protect against heat and sun blinds are attached to a window

Why our solar powered blinds?

Controlling room temperature

Great for rooms with direct sunlight

Can be used in hard to reach places e.g. Skylights


‘Any testimonials?’ Well certainly …

Very happy with the work that was done. The price and quality of the blinds was very competitive and the installation went smoothly due to the friendliness and expertise of the installer.

John MacTaggart (Google review)

For a free consultation and quote on our solar powered blinds, call

0141 261 8482

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