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Keeping Your Pets Away From Blinds

You should feel proud about the blinds covering your windows and doors. You can pick designs that perfectly match your aesthetic, custom-made for your specific measurements. And while having these blinds or shutters is great in a house with only adults, sometimes a furry menace can make you second guess.

A sofa and plants infront of blinds

Grown adults will probably know enough to remain safe and not cause any damage to blinds, but pets normally do not. They might damage themselves or your window coverings by accident, so it is important to try and keep them safe.

Here is The Blind Guy’s guide about keeping your blinds, shutters and other window coverings safe from your pets.

Punish Bad Behaviour

While it can be tricky to truly teach your pets not to do something, there are a few ways to punish bad behaviour to hopefully drill into your pet to keep away from blinds. This consists of being strict when they approach your window coverings.

Give them verbal warnings that you don’t want them near the blinds, and you can also physically pick them up and move them away from areas to show they should not go near them.

Essential Oils

Utilising the sense of smell can help to keep your pets away from blinds. Most animals like cats and dogs do not like the smell of some essential oils, such as eucalyptus or citrusy scents. You can combine these oils with water, and use a spray bottle on the area which you want them away from, such as windowsills or the blinds themself.

There are also calming options available, such as plug-in sprays specifically designed to keep your pets more chilled out. If they are relaxed and calm in your home, they are much less likely to get curious and mess with the blinds.

Out Of Reach

While this is not impossible to achieve at all times, the best way to keep your pets away from blinds and shutters is to keep them out of reach. Opening blinds fully and hanging up cords where they can’t reach them will stop them from trying to mess with them. This way you only have to stay vigilant when your blinds and shutters are down, instead of at all times.

Blinds & Shutters From The Blind Guy

Now that you’ve got all you need to keep your pets safe, you can install the blinds or shutters of your dreams without worries in Glasgow and Scotland. The Blind Guy can provide the best blinds and shutters in a variety of styles, offering made-to-measure solutions. This includes customising the design, colour and length!

We are able to offer a full service, from a free, no-obligation quote to the installation of your blinds. We have extensive experience in installing blinds and shutters across Glasgow and Scotland, so we are perfect for your commercial and domestic needs.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help, feel free to contact us today.

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